Medical Imaging

Imaging Modality captures the image & Print

Bariq Server

Bariq software converts DICOM print job into file for printing


Your Medical imaging into A4 paper

Paper Print

Low cost normal A4 paper printed and very clear for you and your Patient

X-Ray Print

X-Ray Print

Bariq lets you diagnose on-screen and easily archive digital images from different modalities on a single system to reduce your film costs by up to 75%

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Radiology printed on paper films

Radiology printed on paper films

Bariq is a leading provider of plain paper imaging solutions for radiology. Bariq xray-printT M enables the Color WorkCentre to print radiological and other medical images on plain paper at near film quality.

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With this powerful combination of technology, you can:

  • Print images for less than 1$
  • Reduce your film costs by up to 75%.
  • Quickly and easily share very high quality images.
  • Improve communicationswith referral physicians and patients.
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Cost Reduction


Times Faster


Times Easier



Remote Support Includes

Paper Films Printing Solutions for X-Ray, CT & MRI:

  • Knowledgeable, qualified, trained support team

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  • Remote maintenance for your Servers and/or Printers

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  • Access to your system through a secure, encrypted Internet connection

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  • Immediate access to your dedicated service engineer

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